God has allowed BBC to be a "haven of rest" for believers for over 125 years. You will not be in Burgaw long before you will see the historic handprints of so many faithful BBC members who worshiped here, and then carried their faith into the community. This longevity gives us holy pause as we look backward with respect and gratitude--and as we go forward with great faith.

   The center of all ministry is the preaching and teaching of God's Word and everything else extends from that. Our doctrine is historically baptist and our goal is is biblical perspicacity, not theological ambiguity. Our beliefs are determined by scripture not theological systems or ecclesiastical traditions. Our point is Christ and our purpose is people. Our commitment to biblical fidelity is not driven by a desire to be the "most right" but by a realization that truth is the only sure foundation upon which we can build lives, children, families, and homes. The local church is the body of Christ and as such it was never intended to be the expression of a singular person, but rather the expression of a people. 

The current interim pastor is Rev. Tom Canady. All inquires, please contact the church office.